1. The Ambassador

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  2. Ms. Portman - Color/Value Study

    This is a digital painting, not a photo! :)  It’s a color and value study that i kinda got carried away with.  No tracing. No eyedropping from the original photo.

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  3. tiguybou:

    Sci-Fi/Fantasy cartoon idea I was messing around with…

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  4. Lisbeth Salander - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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  5. Live-action Flash suit concept

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  6. twentysomethingfloater said: Damn, nice work. Big ups man.

    thanks dude!

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  7. This is kind of a mock-teaser poster. I wanted to come up with a design that would work for a live-action Batman Beyond film. I envisioned him as a stealthy, agile, ninja-like assassin…minus the assassin part (Batman’s not a killer). I also imagined the suit looking very simple and black from far, but revealing a lot of fine details from close, and a lot of hidden technology. Be sure to download it on my deviantArt page (click on the pic!) to see the smaller stuff…enjoy!

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  8. Here’s a wallpaper version of the concept/mock teaser poster…dig?

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  9. Here’s an earlier version of the suit. I was kind of going for that teaser approach, where you don’t get all the details, but are dying to know more. Anyway, you get a decent shot of the back.

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  10. quick sketch of Shane doing his thang-thang.

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